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Important: 48FILM PHASE OUT

Time for the next move.
After 10 YEARS operating the 48FILM Project, we have decided to phase out the service over the next year.

We will have a final 48FILM Project and 48ISFF Awards at the glorious DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA on February 14, 2019, celebrating the 10 Years of our festival, One prize one festival. The 48 Independent Short Film Festival. The great Winner will get $5,000 in cash and prizes.

We are grateful to all the filmmakers who have shared their stories through 48FILM Project, and we are very honored and blessed to have discovered talented artists around the world using our film competition platform. We are highly encouraging our filmmakers to continue pursuing their dreams and exposing their fantastic talent, through 48 Independent Short Film Festival.

Visit the new 48 here:

As featured in:
48FILM festival awards 2017

48FILM Project and 48 ISFF Awards at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood

The 48FILM Project and the 48 ISFF (Independent Short Film Festival) Screening & Awards ceremony at the Directors Guild of America it was an inspiring success! Thanks to our very talented filmmakers from all over the globe who inspire each year. All the amazing and super talented filmmakers from more than 130 cities and countries all over the world, who made a 48Film Project movie, prove one more year, the creativity and the diversity of an incredibly talented festival.

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