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#How to turn your idea into a movie!

What is the worst thing you can say to a movie industry professional in Hollywood?

"I have the most amazing idea for a movie!"

And also do you know what is even worse? To ask him to help you, to produce a movie based on your “amazing” idea.

Fellow filmmakers, allow me to explain to you, why you should avoid making this statement in this town.

First of all, because the greatest idea ever, is just 1% of the success and the other 99% is VERY hard work.

"Will you make my idea into a movie?"

I’m so tired of hearing the same question over and over...

Let me give you this advice.

“Yes, I can help you. Here is what you need to do. Start working towards your goal and expect nothing from me or anyone else. Is this helpful enough?"

Because guess what…

From my humble experience over the last 25 years in this business, the people who only ask, are not getting any closer to making a movie. They are going around and around and never finish what they want to do. They spend their time complaining about their “amazing and brilliant” ideas that “Hollywood does not recognize.”

OK now, seriously, I'm not trying to put you down here. The opposite! I’m trying to push you to complete your goal.

The most amazing ideas are just the beginning of a hard journey. And if you are not willing or ready to go through …difficulties and obstacles, then better not to start it.

An amazing idea is always a must, but what are you going to do about it is what it matters here. Everyone has an idea. Everyone has a dream. Everyone wants to taste the success. But who is ready to fight for this idea, or to work hard for this dream? Or even to really focus on this goal to turn it into a success story!

In Hollywood, even if you are a very famous Director, writer or producer, still you need to work hard and commit to the long haul to achieve anything. So my advice is start by putting your idea on paper. Right away your idea will start earning value! Then start researching, reading, and studying.

The most important thing is to keep taking your idea a step further.

The most important is taking the step “beyond the idea” further.

Now let me ask you this. Have you ever produced a film? Have you checked the right gear or software, or have you ever researched about the appropriate equipment in order to complete this “amazing idea” of yours?

When was the last time you grabbed your camera or even your smart phone camera and tried to capture something? Anything?

OK, is this start getting into your bones, isn’t it? Have I pissed you off yet? No? Well, let me try harder!

None of the filmmaking websites, books or even the film schools, can make you a filmmaker.

None of this will get you earning your living directing, or producing or writing, or becoming a living and breathing film industry professional.


Even if you go and buy the most expensive gear or go to the most fancy film schools on the planet, you won't turn into a successful filmmaker overnight.

I'm very serious here. And again I’m not trying to put you down. I am not even trying to get you back to reality. Because the only reality you live in, is the reality that you decide to go through.

Everything depends on you - your strong will, your faith and the hard work you are investing into your project.

Don't get me wrong. When I was starting out, someone I respected a lot, advised me the same way. Once I was lucky and pleased to work briefly with an amazing talented actor, director and producer, Mr George Clooney. He directed me for 2 episodes of the HBO series Unscripted.

So after our shooting and while we were having a lunch break, I asked him:

“George, what I should do in order to make a fantastic idea I have into a feature film?"

And he smiled at me politely and said:

“Do you have it registered”?

I said:

“Not really, no”.

And then he asked:

“Have you a synopsis, or a treatment ready, or a complete first draft”?

I said… :

"Well … It is just an idea I have in my mind."

Then he gave me a friendly slap on the back and said:

“ An idea is 1% of the success, Francesco. The other 99% is the hard work. You better be well prepared.”

That bit of advice was CRUCIAL to my business future.

But also, before I actually worked towards a movie - I found a lot of excuses NOT to do the work.

I was researching for… ever!

I was studying web sites and books and I was never satisfied. I hired “experts” and “gurus” of the industry to help me out.

But I wish, with all the money I wasted, I truly wish I had spent it making movies for short film fests.

The reason you are not yet a filmmaker, a writer or producer, is not because you do not have the right gear, or you don’t have the right equipment or your do not have money to invest into your project.

You already KNOW better the answer.

The true reason is that YOU HAVEN'T TAKEN IT SERIOUSLY YET! You want someone else to take it seriously. So let me be clear here.

“If YOU are not serious and if YOU don’t work hard towards your “amazing idea", then no one else will do it for you either. Period!”

So stretch your legs, grab your cam, smart phone, or any fancy gear you might have, and start with a short movie, for the International short film Competition 48FILM Project.

Register your team here, and start making your dreams come true.

The more shorts you will do, the more experienced you will be. The most experienced you are, the closer you will be to achieving your goal and dream.

Then you are going to be prepared for your NEXT BIG THING!

Your “amazing Idea” is just a decision away.

Take this decision now!

francesco vitali and george clooney
francesco vitali and george clooney 2

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