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How our voting system works

48FILM Festival PRO members select our People's Choice Award Winner. To ensure public voting is fair, we ask our members to vote for three films in order to eliminate the popularity contest problem often rampant in online competitions.

The voting period runs from December 26, to January 05 of the following year.

Selection by the Organizers & Judges Panel

The competition organizers select the Top 20 qualified finalists to go through to the judges. From these, the judges choose the TOP 15 Finalists, the Grand Prize Winner, Runners Up and the Category Prize Winners.

All winners will be announced on the site on January 6.

Individual prizes are listed on the Awards & Prizes page.

How to cast your vote

You need to be a PRO member to vote. Log in and go to the screening room. Select the films you want to vote for, and click on the "vote for this participation" button. You must vote for three films, or the system will not accept your choices.

Everyone's a Winner

If your entry didn't make it this year, take heart - you made a film! Your short is on display in our screening room, giving you great chances for global exposure before producers, executive producers, agents, casting directors, writers, and myriad movie pros.

You never know who's looking in, and when your big break will come. Practice makes perfect, so don't give up!

Public Voting

48FILM Festival PRO Members vote for their three favorite films. The People's Choice Award Winner is the entry that gains the most votes in this round. This winner may or may not be one of the Top 20 qualified finalists that go through to the judging panel.

Our Judges are Industry Professionals

We know how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into your short film. You've maxed out on all your creative and technical skills. For this reason, we choose experienced professional filmmakers to be our judges.

Because they are involved in the filmmaking process, they understand our mission and bring those values we consider important. The appraisal you receive will be honest and worthwhile.

Meet the Judges of 2015 Meet the Judges of 2016

Announcement of Awards and TOP 15 Winning Films

All Award Winners including The People's Choice will be posted on the site on January 6. Make sure you check in then to see the exciting results.

The winning films of the TOP 15 Finalists, including the People's Choice Award Winner (whether in the Top 15 or not) are screened at our annual Awards Ceremony at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood.

All entries stream in the 48FILM Project Screening Room on the site.

Are you a 48FILM Project PRO Member?

Make sure you can vote in our exciting annual competition. As a member, you'll get not only voting rights but also more benefits, offers and privileges.


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