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Green Shoots of Eco Awareness

The story started when Executive Producers Francesco Vitali and Christos Siametis launched 48 Go Green 2009, the ecological film festival. The pilot project in Athens Greece was a new concept in film shorts.

They scheduled the launch parallel to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (8/12 - 12/12/2009), with the aim of alerting the community and youth to the urgency of green awareness for the planet.

Go Green Goes to Hollywood

In 2011, 48 Go Green went viral. Almost 350 teams in more than 130 cities from all over the world participated online.

The 2012 project further developed the online format, with winning entries shown in such prestigious arenas as the Short Film Corner in Cannes, and the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV.

In 2013, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills hosted the Award Ceremony for 2012 winners, and all winning films gained worldwide exposure from streaming online.

The all-new 48FILM Project launched in 2014, and incorporated Go Green as a genre choice. The Award Ceremony & Screening was held at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) in LA.

The Judging Panel of Movie Industry Professionals

48FILM Festival is exceptionally fortunate to welcome on board an illustrious cast of world-class professionals to judge the 2014 participation.

These judges bring a range of skills and experience including producing, directing, editing, cinematography, animation, screenwriting and acting.

48 PROJECTS in Beverly Hills

Today, 48 PROJECTS Inc. is based in Beverly Hills in the heart of the global entertainment industry. It attracts professionals and artists across the spectrum of the vibrant community of entertainment creatives in LA and across the world, as staff, as judges, or contestants.

48FILM Festival was conceived to create opportunities for pros and aspiring filmmakers to get their work known. The executive producers continue to innovate and add new features to enhance 48FILM Project and take it to new heights.

Striving for Film Freedom

Vitali and Siametis are passionate about giving maximum creativity to filmmakers. They constantly seek ways to remove obstacles and to make it easier to compete. Key features of the competition include:

  • Film freedom means no barriers of time or location - contestants may log in anytime, anywhere during the competition year.
  • Contestants control their schedule and choose their genre.
  • Keeping costs low - kick off days and late fees have been eliminated. No penalties.
  • Contestants can choose their kit, traditional camera or digital device. If it shoots moving pictures, it is permitted.
  • Two extra hours are given after the 48-hour competition slot to upload an entry.
Had a better idea? Re-register and submit it. Contestants are not limited to one participation.

New for 2015

No more cumbersome production documents! The entry process is simplified to make it faster and easier to register and compete.

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