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About the competition

48FILM Project is the Ultimate Online International Film Contest.

You select your genre, and we give you 3 elements to include: a character, a line and a prop.

You create a short film, 4 - 7 min long, in English, or with English subtitles, all inside 48 hours.

You upload it to

Choose your preferred genre, shoot your film using the given 3 elements, but you do it all in 48 hours.
Register your team. Organise your actors, collect your equipment and secure your locations. When you are ready and you have decided to compete, log in to your profile page. Push the “START MY COMPETITION” button. Select your genre and push “START NOW” button. Our system automatically assigns you with 3 elements: a character, a line and a prop. Officially your 48 hours countdown has started.

The competition entry period

The competition entry period runs from January 11, until November 30, each year.
This is your choice! It starts whenever you are ready, but remember, once you push the "START MY COMPETITION" button, your 48 hours are counting down!
You can create your team whenever you are ready. It's up to you, but we recommend you create your team before you push the "START MY COMPETITION" button. As soon as you push it, the clock is ticking!
Professional or amateur, everyone is eligible to enter. Except relatives, employees and associates of The 48Projects Inc. and Creamy White Inc. To be a team leader, you must be eighteen years old. If you are under eighteen, you may participate, but your parents must sign a consent form. See Rule 1 of The Rules.
Anybody can enter the competition, but you could take out Basic Membership. Basic Membership is FREE and it includes previewing the winning films and receiving the 48Film Project Newsletter. Check out the Member benefits.
PRO membership gives you many benefits, including special discounts, savings coupons and more. Also, our PRO members get free screenings and voting rights. As a PRO member, you get an exclusive profile and many more privileges. Also becoming a PRO is a way you can support our festival. PRO members can post their work and network with other members. It's great exposure! PRO members are our A-listers and we like to treat them with previews, special discounts entries and much more. Check them out and take out your PRO membership now.

Selecting your genre and getting your 3 elements

The 3 elements are: a character, a line of dialogue, and a prop. The character must appear in the film for at least in a scene. The line of dialogue can be spoken or sung, or written, or any way your imagination chooses to present it. But it must be verbatim exactly as written. The prop must be clearly visible at least one scene or as many times you prefer in the film.
When you are ready to compete, the system assigns them as soon as you push the "START MY COMPETITION" button.
NO! This is cheating! It is also very difficult to do, considering the fact that the 3 elements are randomly selected. Be warned, if you are caught cheating, you will be eliminated from the competition.
You may not use material that is copyrighted to a third party without written permission. Also, you may not use material, which is defamatory, obscene or otherwise unsuitable, nor pass off any such material as your own original work. See Rule 20 of The Rules.
It's up to you to film in your own style. We do not discriminate against your choice of genres. We do not have specific genre preferences. We love them all.
You choose your genre! You can find more information about the film genres here.

Starting your 48-hour competition period

It begins as soon as you go to your profile page and push the “START MY COMPETITION” button.
You can organise your actors, secure your equipment and locations, and decide your genre. You may not do any creative work before you have pressed the "Start Your Competition" button. See Rule 13 in Rules for more information.

Creating, shooting and uploading your film

4 - 7 minutes is the official length. Don’t be eliminated by not following the rules. See Rule 17 of The Rules.
Your film must be a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes long or it will be disqualified. Up to one extra minute is allowed for credits ONLY, making a total running time of 8 minutes, but your film must not exceed 7 minutes.
No. Your film must not exceed 7 minutes. The additional minute is for your credits. Otherwise you are facing the risk to be disqualified.
No. The credits at the end of your film must not exceed 60 seconds.
All films can be in any language, but if is not English, then it needs to have English sub titles.
Nope. We do not want to stifle your creativity in any way. Provided the sound and lighting are of good quality, you can create whatever effects you need in your film.
You should create and upload your film in one of the following file formats: avi, mpg, mov, asf, mpeg, xvid, mkv, mp4, wmv, webm, ogv. See Rule 18 in The Rules.

Submitting your competition entry

You go to your profile page and under the section COMPETITION, and upload your film. Use the button "Upload Your Film".

Before the finished film begins, you should include in your film:

  • 2 seconds of black
  • A title card with: team name, date, city, title, and genre
  • A title card with: "This film is made for 2018."
  • 2 seconds of black.

These should be followed by your film. See Rule 18 of The Rules.

The maximum file size we can accept is 600 MB per film.
Log in to your profile page, press the UPLOAD button and send your film.
You have two hours as a bonus immediately after your 48-hour competition slot finishes to upload your entry. But also, you may upload earlier during your 48 hour time period if you are ready. See Rule 12 in Rules.


Passion, talent, creativity, originality. You are creative. You know how subjective Film is. Produce something we will love!
The winners will be posted on our official web site, after all the judging rounds have taken place, in December.


Never! We believe that professionals involved with Film business industry and creditable filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, writers and other key roles are the best judges.

Also the 48 PRO & 48 VIP PRO members vote for the People's Choice Award each year.

48Film Project is an entirely online event. Anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection can participate. Giant metropolis, dreamy coastline, outback or far-flung places, wherever you live, you can join in the fun! All you need is your team, your kit, an internet connection and your imagination. Go for it!

We are looking for Executive Producers and Event Coordinators.

For more information check our job listings!

48Film Project believes in allowing creativity free reign! As long as you can upload your file to our official web, your equipment decisions are your own!

We sure are! Look at our history to see the success of 48 Go Green. We had winners who screened their films in Cannes International film Festival, NAB Show, and finally at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. Our Winners the last years screen their movies at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood.

Also check the newest Online 48Music Project, and other 48 Projects are in the works. If you become a member, you will hear all about updates to each of these projects and be the first to know if something interesting is coming down the line for you or someone else you know who wants to participate.

*But please keep in mind, WE DO NOT affiliated with any other 48 hour, or hours, days, nights or 48 whatever.*

We offer competitive advertising packages. Just get in touch with our team.
Yes you can. Write to us with a short description of you and your team. Explain why you think you qualify for free registration. Whilst we will consider all reasonable requests, funds are limited and we make these awards at our own discretion. Our decision is final and non-negotiable. Make sure to include your contact name, email, phone number and mailing addresses to:

Attn: Chris Siametis
433 N Camden Drive Suite 600
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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